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BeOneBreed Yellow

BeOneBreed Design Bowl

These beautiful, dishwasher-safe design bowls will add colour and brightness to any room in your home! Made from melamine and paired with a resistant stainless steel dish, BeOneBowl design bowls come in a wide range of modern, geometric patterns. more
Bamboo Training Pads

Bamboo Training Pads

Do you have a new puppy in your house? If you do, these Bamboo Training Pads from The Green Pet Shop might be the item for you! Not only are they super-...more
Puptown Girl

Puptown Girl Box

"For the modern dog Mom and her dog!" Puptown Girl Boxes are gift boxes for you and your pet, which arrive on your doorstep each month filled with houseware, treats, and other goodies! more
Galison Gifts for Animal Lovers

Galison Gifts for Animal Lovers

Galison Gifts for Animal Lovers more
Anvali sandals

Anvali Customizable Leather Sandals

Not only are these handmade, genuine leather sandals by Anvali both adorable and comfortable, but you can also express your love for dogs by wearing them! These sandals are customizable to come in different dog breed designs, so they are perfect whether you love corgis, greyhounds, or daschunds! more
Riley's Organics

Riley's Organic Beef & Barley Treats

Riley's Organic has a new flavour out in their organic dog treat line! These biscuits, which come in both small and large sizes to meet the needs of different dog breeds, are made with beef and barley, and are an excellent source of protein more


PawPack is a gift box for your dog, which will arrive every month filled with surprise treats and toys! This adorable and creative idea saves you the trouble and time of researching and locating the best products for your furry friend. more
Go Dog Go Automatic Ball Throwing Machine

GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

Your dog will go crazy for the Go Dog Go's automatic dog ball throwing machine! GoDogGo is the world's first fetch machine and the original, award-winning automatic dog ball thrower. more
Stair Treads Dean's Flooring

Pet-Friendly Stair Treads by Dean's Flooring

One of the most common causes of injury in the home are when individuals slip and fall. This can be particularly dangerous on the stairs, where you've got a long way to fall! For fantastic stair treads that help both humans and their animal companions gain traction up and down staircases, Dean's Flooring offers a variety of styles and colours that will put your mind at ease more


Make sure that your dog is healthy and hydrated when you take him with you on your outdoor adventures! On your many hikes and explorations, you can't control the heat, and can't control whether natural water sources will be available to make sure your dog gets a refreshing drink. For these situations, the PaxBowl is a perfect solution! more


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