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LA Dog Collars

The Gladiator

For those of you who are looking for a “ruff” style collar, The Gladiator is for you. This medieval shield, stainless steel armour inspired collar from LA Dog...more
Bowhaus NYC

Florette Floral Collar Sliders

If you have a special occasion or simply want to beautify your pup’s collar, slip a pretty floral accent on it. With Bowhaus NYC’s floral collar sliders you...more
Monod Art & Design

Monod Art & Design

If you’re true dog-lover, you should definitely consider decorating your home with some cool looking dog art. Monod Art & Design is all about exploring the...more
Skookum Dog Road Duffel

Skookum Dog Road Duffel

If you are an outdoorsy person, Skookum Dog had you in mind when developing all their amazing stuff. One of my favourites is the road duffel bag with...more

Pet First Aid Courses

What if there’s an emergency with your pet? How cool would it be to know how to perform first aid to your furry buddy!  Walks & Wags offers Pet First Aid...more
Loft Bench Seat Cover

Say no to dirty car seats!

Dirty dog is a happy dog, but are you happy when your car is a mess? Make sure to cover your seats with a custom fit Loft Bench Seat Cover from Kurgo! It’s...more

UnderPAWS car guard

If your dog loves feeling the wind in his fur when you are on the open road, the side of your car can sometimes take a beating. UnderPAWS is a magnetic sheet...more
Earth Rated Poop Bags

Eco-friendly poop bags!

If you are a responsible dog owner who also cares about the environment, Earth Rated compostable bags are a great choice! They are made from corn-based...more
Sturdi Products

Make traveling easy!

Make traveling easy with a Sturdi carrier. more
Smart Phone Case

Super Smart Phone Case

Calling all dog-lovers! These personalized smart phone cases not only protect your device, they also add a bit of color and cuteness to your life as well, kind...more


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