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Oscar Newman

Oscar Newman: Luxury Pet Couture

Designer to the Stars - Star Dogs that is - Oscar Newman Luxury Pet Couture is the fashion authority when it comes to dressing your dog in the best pet couture...more
Go Dog Go

GoDogGo - Remote Fetch Machine

GoDogGo the Remote Fetch Machine is a great addition to playtime! Safe and fun, this machine allows dogs to play fetch even if you don't have time! Designed to...more
Riley's Organics

Riley's Organics

Made with completely organic ingredients, Riley's Organics treats are packed with wholesome goodness your best friend will love! Full of flavour with a hint of...more
The Dogs of Oakville

The Dogs of Oakville: New Beginnings

The follow-up to the popular The Dogs of Oakville: Tails of Distinction, The Dogs of Oakville: New Beginnings is a delightful collection of Oakville's adorable...more
The Blissful Dog

Say NO to a crusty nose!

Nose Butter from The Blissful Dog will take care of that dry, cracked or crusty nose. There are over 60 different breed labels available - how fun! My...more
My Dog's Favorite Leash

Lovely handmade dog leashes!

Handmade stuff is always personal, unique, and very special! If you're looking for a cute handmade leash, check out My Dog's Favorite Leash! These ribbon...more

Cool toy alert!

MOOTUGS toys are created from recycled rubber inflations - yes, the ones that attached to a real cow's udder! Each tube is washed & then sanitized through...more
Zip n' Dri

Zip n' Dri from Dog Gone Smart

Let them shake! Dog Gone Smart promises no more mess with their newest product Zip n' Dri. This product is easy to use and is perfect for those trips to the...more
My Canine Kids

Precision Fit Nylon Harness from My Canine Kids

Dogs love the fit of a new Precision Fit Harness from My Canine Kids! Bye-bye chocking and pulling! This harness is easy to put on, adjustable and machine...more
Pet P.L.A.Y.

Outdoor Bed Collection from P.L.A.Y.

Hot summer days are finally here, which means lots of patio and poolside time! Hooray! Style up your pup’s hang out spot too with the stylish and durable...more


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