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Upcycled Mootugs

Some dogs love to play tug of war, and we're constantly going through destroyed toys. Mootugs are made from recycled rubber milking tubes on dairy farms which...more

HandsOn Grooming with Textured Glove

With a big fluffy dog like my Border Collie mix (who probably is part Bernese Mountain Dog) I need a grooming tool that is up to the task. I loved using...more

goBARE Snack Pack from BareItAll Petfoods

My friend's dog Sissy has a list of allergies longer than her tail! So when I was looking for a treat to bring for a play date, I was immediately attracted to...more

Mr. Big loves his Kruuse bed

Mr. Big, a white Miniature Schnauzer, loves the Kruuse's Buster Cocoon bed. He's very particular and won't lie in just any bed, but immediately made himself ...more

Raw Wild's Raw Dog Food

People are thinking more about what they eat, recognizing that their health and well-being comes from the food they consume. The same applies to our four-...more

JettaJacks Urban Slip Lead

My dog really loves her JettaJacks Urban slid lead, and so do I! The lead is over 6ft long, with a non-choke collar directly attached to the lead. She doesn't...more

Beautiful eco-leather collars and leashes from HUND Denmark

Being of Danish descent, the leashes and collars made by HUND Denmark immediately caught my eye. They’ve paired elegant Scandinavian design with function in...more

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

No one likes cleaning the house, but Bissell Pet Hair Eraser makes it so much easier! A vaccuum cleaner that was designed with pet owners in mind, this amazing...more

Watch Your Dog While You're Away With This Video Camera!

We tried out the Kodak Video Monitor! Our Editor is away, so we set it up in her office so that she can check in on Esther at any time. What a cool solution...more

The PupCup Kit: the water bottle with a dog bowl on the bottom!

Do you every realise you forgot water for your dog, and then feel awful, especially since you did remember a water bottle for yourself? Those embarassing...more