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Donut Bed

We Found the Ultimate Donut Bed For Dogs

Whether or not your dog sleeps with you at night, it’s important to provide them with a cozy space where they can rest alone and undisturbed. Our pets are part...more

Home is Where the Dog is

File under "want it"! more
Fresh Dog Food Delivery

Dogs Go Bonkers for NomNomNow

We love NomNomNow, recently rated as one of the top fresh dog food delivery companies! You can't go wrong. I know you want to give your dog the best life with the best diet possible.  more
I Love My Fur Kid

I Love My Fur Kid Helps Keep Pets Safe

Here at Modern Dog, we would do anything to protect our furball family members. When emergencies occur, however, we can’t always be there to ensure the safety of our pets. That’s why we here at Modern Dog love I Love my Fur Kid, a service that allows you to create custom emergency pet signs for your home. more
Blue Buddy Belts Harness

Buddy Belts Harnesses: Safe, Stylish, and Super Functional!

Whether or not your pooch is a leash puller, we’ve certainly all experienced that difficult judgement call–do I pull hard on the leash to keep my dog safe, or risk the danger to spare my pup the neck pain? Although using a traditional leash and collar can seem like the only option, Buddy Belts has found a way to break tradition in an aim to help dog’s health. more
bacon-flavoured CBD oil that can help ease your dog's anxiety or pain

Delicious Smoked Bacon Flavouring! Medix CBD Oil for Dogs

Here at Modern Dog, we know how hard it can be to watch your pup go through pain or suffering. That’s why we want to you to know about Medix CBD Oil for Dogs, a high-quality product custom built for canines that can help to ease your dog’s discomfort. more
Gingerbread dog treats for an awesome holiday snack

Last Minute Gift Ideas: Portland Pet Food Company’s Holiday Pack

With only one week until Christmas, we know you are making your shopping list and checking it twice. If you are still having trouble finding a gift for your pampered pooch, we here at Modern Dog recommend that you try Portland Pet Food Company'sHoliday Pack as a last minute gift idea. Featuring Grandma Ada’s Turkey & Yams Meal Pouch and Grain & Gluten-Free Gingerbread Biscuits, your dog will be wolfing these treats down! more
Guardzilla Camera

Guardzilla's 360 All-In-One Cameras

Leaving your dog alone for the day can be a difficult time for both dogs and their owners, and here at Modern Dog, we know how easy it is to worry when away from our beloved pups. Luckily, Guardzilla’s 360 All-In-One Cameras can help put your mind at ease!  more

P.L.A.Y's Mustache Bed

By now, most Movember mustaches are getting pretty lengthy, but we haven’t had our fill quite yet! That’s we just can’t get enough of these trendy Mustache dog beds! more
David Oreck

David Oreck Candle Company's Pet Odor Eliminating Candles

Although we all love having dogs at home, we don’t always love how they make our home smell. That’s why we at Modern Dog love David Oreck’s Pet Odor Eliminating Candles!  more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato