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Adorable, functional, and affordable! Pupperware from Klyde Street Boutique is the perfect storage solution for your dog's food and treats. Use for storage at...more
Cute Cable Knit Sweater

Cute Cable Knit Sweater

Keep your dog warm this winter in this adorable, fair-trade cable knit sweater from Glamour Mutt! This hand-knit, cozy little sweater will keep your dog...more
Wacky Worm

Wacky Worm!

I haven't met a dog who doesn't like to play tug of war, and this Wacky Worm from West Paw Design is the best toy for it! Made of tough elastic it has lots of...more
Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper

Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Dog Bed

With colder weather settling in let your puppy cuddle up in a warm bed with the K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper. This bed contains a removable heating pad that...more
Ancient Dog Skull Shows Early Pet Domestication

Ancient Dog Skull Shows Early Pet Domestication

Recent research published in the journal Plos One has found dogs were domesticated even sooner than originally thought—over 20,000 years earlier. New analysis...more
Katherine Heigl Just One

Katherine Heigl Launches Pet Line Dedicated to Ending Animal Abuse

Hollywood A-lister and past Modern Dog cover model Katherine Heigl has embarked on her newest project, one guaranteed to thrill animal lovers. The venture,...more
Gulpy Water Dispenser for Dogs

Gulpy Water Dispenser for Dogs

Keep your dog hydrated with the Gulpy Water Dispenser for Dogs from New Angle Pet when you are on the go. This convenient bottle features a fold down trough...more
Ruffled Retro Apron

Ruffled Retro Apron

This adorable Ruffled Retro Apron is perfect for the person who loves to cook almost as much as they love their dog. The adorable puppy print brings a lot of...more
adopt t shirt

Support Animal Rescue Tee

There are a bunch of ways that you can help out your local animal rescue, and this bold Support Animal Rescue graphic tee from Recycled Dog is a great way to...more
Modern Dog Fave Find Thundershirt

Thundershirt for Dogs Provides Calming Comfort

The Thundershirt for Dogs helps calm and soothe dogs with anxiety. The Thundershirt is fastened snugly on your little buddy, and the gentle pressure of the...more


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