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Dogs on Trampolines

Video of the Day - Dogs on Trampolines

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The Why We Rescue Project

We believe that rescuing an animal is one of the most rewarding experiences around, and we love to hear stories of good hearts making a difference in the world...more
Escape Proof Harness Lead

Escape Proof Harness Lead

As someone who walks a fussy pug who often escapes "unescapable" harness systems, I am eager to give the Harness Lead a try. Their philosophy and tips about...more
Dogs and Polar Bears

Polar Bears and Dogs Playing

Paw Print Ornaments

DIY Paw Print Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking for a way to include your dog in your holiday decorating? These adorable paw print ornaments from Cornflower Blue Studio are a super easy DIY Christmas...more
Tiny Silver Collie Dog Necklace

Tiny Silver Collie Dog Necklace

Dog lovers already wear their devotion to canine pals on their sleeves, and these sweet Tiny Silver Necklaces from Evelyn Mae Creations just make the obsession...more
Custom Ceramic Dog Bowl

Custom Ceramic Dog Bowl

I love this rustic, customizable dog bowl from Jusani. Jusani is a organization that has partnered with artists and shelters who are committed to saving the...more


Adorable, functional, and affordable! Pupperware from Klyde Street Boutique is the perfect storage solution for your dog's food and treats. Use for storage at...more
Cute Cable Knit Sweater

Cute Cable Knit Sweater

Keep your dog warm this winter in this adorable, fair-trade cable knit sweater from Glamour Mutt! This hand-knit, cozy little sweater will keep your dog...more
Wacky Worm

Wacky Worm!

I haven't met a dog who doesn't like to play tug of war, and this Wacky Worm from West Paw Design is the best toy for it! Made of tough elastic it has lots of...more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Thor