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What To Do If Your Dog is Bitten by a Snake

If your dog is bitten by a venomous snake, immediate, urgent care is needed. Here’s what to do—and what not to do (don’t apply a tourniquet)  more

Lawn Chemicals Linked To Two Cancers

Ditch the pesticides in favour of a natural approach! more
4th of July

5 Must-Do’s for a Safe 4th of July With Your Dogs!

How to manage noise phobia, update your contact info for your dog’s microchip, and more! more
Guardzilla Camera

Guardzilla's 360 All-In-One Cameras

Leaving your dog alone for the day can be a difficult time for both dogs and their owners, and here at Modern Dog, we know how easy it is to worry when away from our beloved pups. Luckily, Guardzilla’s 360 All-In-One Cameras can help put your mind at ease!  more

Modern Dog's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Dog Owner Essentials

NMN Designs' stunning Indus Steel Diner is made with a solid metal base and a sleek, brushed-stainless top. Available in two sizes and finishes, white and...more

BUSTER Reflective Collar by KRUUSE

The adjustable BUSTER Gear reflective collar by KRUUSE will keep your pup safe at nighttime! KRUUSE's BUSTER reflective collar is made from solid nylon with a soft foam filling, and is designed with reflective threads to ensure that your dog will be seen by nightfall. more

DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag

Keep your dog safe with DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag! DOTT syncs to your mobile device and acts as a “virtual leash” that will alert you when your dog is out of...more
Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers are the perfect solution if you have an excape artist dog who can fit through your fence. This safety collar stops small dogs from fitting...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato