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Madison & Maude

Madison & Maude Designer Dog Collars

We know that your favorite pooch deserves nothing but the best! However, it can be hard to find quality items that speak to your dog’s unique personality. We here at Modern Dog love Madison & Maude’s line of designer dog collars! They are a family business who says their mission is to offer sleek and stylish designs for your pet that are timeless. more
Sleepy Holow

Sleepy Holow's Hand-Crafted Dog Collars and Bracelets

Do you or your pup want to make a statement? Then check out Sleepy Holow’s line of quality dog collars! They offer a variety of collars to choose from such as leather, beaded, blinged, nylon and paracord! more
Montana Grrl

Festive Holiday Pet Collar

Montana Grrl Critter Gear has made the most adorable Festive Holiday Pet Collar! This fun and high quality collar is perfect for the holidays, designed with a super cute pattern of candy, snowflakes and holly. more
Winston & Henry

Kiwi Collar by Winston & Henry

Winston & Henry's Kiwi collar is simply beautiful! Made with genuine New Zealand leather, this high quality collar is rich green in colour, and is designed with a unique finish which uses the application of oils and waxes along with a special heating technique that gives the collar a ‘patent leather’ look. more

BUSTER Reflective Collar by KRUUSE

The adjustable BUSTER Gear reflective collar by KRUUSE will keep your pup safe at nighttime! KRUUSE's BUSTER reflective collar is made from solid nylon with a soft foam filling, and is designed with reflective threads to ensure that your dog will be seen by nightfall. more

One-of-a-kind customized leather collar

My sister-in-law absolutely loved this Christmas gift—a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, high quality leather collar from Old Country Leather customized...more
Chi-Dog Collar

Chi-Dog Walladoodle Collars

Chicago Pride is running high right now after the Cub’s amazing win in the World Series, and I like to show off my excitement with my dog’s awesome Chi-Dog...more

Puppy Love by Friendship Collar

This Puppy Love collar from Friendship Collar is the sweetest thing! Each collar comes with a matching bracelet for you so you can always show off the bond you...more
rogue royalty

Rogue Royalty Dog Collar

  Lexi the office dog simply sparkles in this gorgeous collar by Rogue Royalty! These collars are made with high quality genuine leather and come in tons of...more
Bond Pet Products Waterproof Collar

Bond Pet Products Waterproof Collar

Autumn means playing in mud and muck! These lovely, easy to clean collars from Bond Pet Products are perfect for those messy fall adventures with your best...more


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