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Dog Tattoos

We're here with your dog tattoo inspiration via these inked tributes to canine best friends. more
Dog Gift

Is Your Dog A Work Of Art?

Dog owners know their dog is special and want to find different ways to celebrate their companion. Graphic designer and artist Robert Redding has found a way to celebrate dogs and their breed history through blueprint-style art with the Animal Blueprint Companymore
Illustrate It

Custom Pet Portraits by Illustrate-It

This custom-made portrait is bound to become your favourite piece of art in your home! Created by Heather Hugginson of Illustrate-It, these fabulous works of art are perfect for celebrating or memorializing your beloved furry friend. Simply mail in a photo of your dog to Illusrtate-It, and it will be transformed into a beautiful portrait. more
Christy Thumb

Christy! Studios

Colorful and expressive watercolor portrait of your pet is not just a work of art, but a family heirloom. more

One Drawing Daily

One Drawing Daily is a cool blog by Thomas Clausen, an artist from Denmark. Just check out this perfect sketch he did for one of our office dogs! Love it! ~...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: BeBe