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Buckle-down collar

Buckle-Down Batman Collar

We think our dogs are capable of some pretty amazing things, and sometimes they have us convinced of their superpowers! So what better way to accessory your...more
Beverly Hills Collars

Beverly Hills Collars

Add some pizzazz to your dog’s wardrobe with a Beverly Hills Collar. These handcrafted collars are made with the finest English Bridle leather, with every...more
Boots and Arrows

Boots & Arrows

Handcrafted in Texas from upcycled cowboy boots, Boots & Arrows are carefully and beautifully handstitched collars for your dog! Adorned with solid brass...more
Oki Doggy

Oki Doggy

Is your dog as fashionable as you are? If so, Oki Doggy is perfect for both of you! Crafted with the best designs and patterns, Oki Doggy is a fashion line of...more
rogue royalty

Rogue Royalty Dog Collar

  Lexi the office dog simply sparkles in this gorgeous collar by Rogue Royalty! These collars are made with high quality genuine leather and come in tons of...more


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