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Dogs and Chocolate

Dog Ate Chocolate? Here's What to Watch For

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. If your dog ate chocolate, look out for these symptoms, especially this symptom that warrants an immediate trip to the vet.   ...more
Halloween Safety

Keep your Pets Safe this Halloween

Children and adults may love the spooky traditions of Halloween, but our pets are less likely to appreciate the costumes, masks, and parties associated with Halloween night more
HELP! What To Do In Common Canine Emergencies

HELP! What To Do In Common Canine Emergencies

Whether you have an obedient older dog or a rambunctious puppy, all canines big and small have one thing in common: they're not perfect. At some point even the most well-trained pooch will eat something they shouldn't, jump on someone well‑dressed or—heaven help us—get sprayed by a skunk. Modern Dog solicited the advice of dog professionals across North America for what to do when you find yourself up against the most common dog problems. Here’s how to proceed in the face of calamity. more
Halloween Chocolate and Dogs

Halloween Chocolate and Dogs

A Scary Combination more

Dog of the Week!

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