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CBD For Dogs

The Best Pet CBD Brand for Fireworks

Is your dog fearful of fireworks? Here's how CBD can help!  more
Is CBD Right For Your Dog?

Is CBD Right For Your Dog?

For a host of dog lovers, CBD has proved a miracle cure, helping dogs with everything from arthritis and seizures to pain and anxiety more

CBD Oil for Dogs – 5 Things You Should Know Before Giving It To Your Best Friend

CBD Oil for Dogs – 5 Things You Should Know Before Giving It To Your Best Friend First CBD is short for cannabidiol that is found in cannabis leaves. It has...more
CBD & Your Dog

CBD for Dogs

All you need to know about how CBD (aka cannabidiol, a safe, non-toxic compound found in cannabis) can help your dog more
King Kanine CBD Oil

What you Need to Know About CBD Oil for Dog Seizures

In Partnership with King Kanine Among its many benefits, CBD oil has shown a powerful ability to help control seizures. But, before you run out to buy a...more
bacon-flavoured CBD oil that can help ease your dog's anxiety or pain

Delicious Smoked Bacon Flavouring! Medix CBD Oil for Dogs

Here at Modern Dog, we know how hard it can be to watch your pup go through pain or suffering. That’s why we want to you to know about Medix CBD Oil for Dogs, a high-quality product custom built for canines that can help to ease your dog’s discomfort. more
A Labrador that could use some CBD oil for anxiety in dogs

How to Calm an Anxious Dog: CBD Oil for Anxiety

Anxiety can be one of the hardest things to deal with as a dog, and it can make it difficult to get through things like car rides, storms, and even just being alone. No dog or pet parent should have to deal with this kind of stress or worry in a day. CBD is one of the best options on how to calm an anxious dog! CBD is also referred commonly as hemp oil for dogs and also full spectrum hemp oil for dogs. more
Dr. Katherine Kramer with dog for True Leaf Medicine Inc.

True Leaf Turns a New Leaf on Pet Wellness

Cannabis is taking the pet care world by storm, and True Leaf aims to position itself at the helm. This plant-forward brand has long led the way in pushing...more

4 Dog Ailments You Can Manage With CBD Oil Products

There is a new, natural product hitting the shelves of pet stores and websites that have the ability to help manage multiple ailments dogs commonly suffer from...more

A Natural Fix

Hemp-derived CBDs are increasingly being turned to as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, delivering a  host of health benefits, from pain relief to anxiety reduction more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato