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The Berger Picard

Saved from extinction, a rare, ancient French breed is made famous by Disney more

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Komondor vs. the Puli

These dreadlocked dogs share a showstopping corded coat—but the similarities stop there more

The Whippet: Perfect Writer's Companion

Why the Whippet is the perfect companion for a writer. more

Huskies: The “Close-talking” Telemarketers of the Dog World

The “Close-talking” Telemarketers of the Dog World more
The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Can you tell the difference? more

The Akita Dog

Japan’s national treasure more
belgian malinois teaser

The Belgian Malinois

The complete package: beauty, brains, and brawn more
Chesapeake Thumbnail

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Tough and tenacious, the Chessie is a retriever with a twist! more

Know Your Terriers

We asked the AKC for the low down on differences between these two popular terriers. more

Is the Boxer or the Boston Terrier for you?

Find Your Perfect Breed Match more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Abraham