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The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Commonly Confused Breeds: The Boston Terrier VS The French Bulldog

Can you tell the difference? more

Is the Boxer or the Boston Terrier for you?

Find Your Perfect Breed Match more
Smiling Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier At A Glance

The Boston is a mixture of many breeds—the English and French Bulldogs, the Bull Terrier, the now-extinct white English Terrier, and the Boxer. Is he from Boston? Yes. Terrier? Actually, no. more
Boston Terrier Sweatshirt

Boston Terrier Sweatshirt

Whether the Boston Terrier is your favourite dog, or you just love all dogs, this super cute Boston Terrier sweatshirt from Forever 21 is perfect! Bundle up...more
Cute Boston Terrier Puppy

The Boston Terrier

Raised a working-class tough guy from Boston, our leading dog—upon being recognized for his intellect, dashing good looks, and utter potential—earns a place on the right side of the proverbial tracks. more

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