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Adorable Nap-Time Buddies

Adorable Nap-Time Buddies

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Anderson Pooper

Anderson Pooper Wins First Place in our Hearts

This too-cute Dachshund, Anderson Pooper, may not have won this race, but he is definitely the most inspiring and adorable contestant! Way to go, buddy! via ...more
Video of the Day: This Guilty Dog Makes Amends

Video of the Day: This Guilty Dog Makes Amends

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Modern Dog Memes

More Modern Dog Memes

Dogs of Summer

Dog Days of Summer

Sadie Kash Gizmo Julius Argus Midas Piper Han Solo Finley Oliver Chloe Hattie Titus Skye Hank Leo Paislee Margarita more
Pug puppies playing

Video of the Day - Pug puppies playing

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Pug Puppies in a Tub

Video of the Day: Pug Puppies in a Tub

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Rocky Ridge Refuge

Rocky Ridge Refuge—The Most Magical Place on Earth?

It looks like one of the most magical places on earth, and it very likely is. The Rocky Ridge Refuge, located in northern Arkansas, is a sanctuary for special...more
Dogs in the flowers

Dogs in the flowers

Mia Cali Zoe Gizmo Mylo Harvey Thunder Buddy Cheechdog Hollie Charlotte more
Civilized Dogs

Video of the Day - Dogs have a civilized meal

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Dog of the Week!

Meet: Maxwell