Star Dog Photo Contest Entry - Sukee

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Meet: Sukee

Miniature Poodle

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We found Sukee when he was 6 months old at the grocery store on a long weekend, he'd been abandoned, was in rough shape, had been badly abused & was scared of the world. We bought him home, gave him lots of love & with time he came right out of his shell! Sukee is the most adorable, smartest, sweetest & hilarious playful puppy! He loves life!! Sukee makes us smile every day! ♡ He loves treats more than anything! Long walkies & playing dress-up! He'll protect us from strangers with all his might!
9 and a half!
Sukee-Su! Su-Su! Fluffy-puppy! Mr. BarkyPants! Our Little Lamb! Marshmallow! Cutie-Pie! Mr. Barksalot! BurfBurf! Smiley! Smiley-face!
Going on adventures, starting with a car ride to Tim Horton's for timbits & then visiting parks, the beach, or the library for long walkies! He loves cuddling with his kitties, being dressed in clothes, & his toys, especially his teddy & raccoon stuffies!
When Tim Horton's runs out of timbits! Strangers. People who yell and confrontation between people.
Favorite Foods: 
Anything sweet! He lives for timbits and Three Dog Bakery's Gingerbegs! Sukee also loves fruit popsicles, his Open Farm dog food kibbies, cooked chicken, Temptations, Fancy Feast wet cat food and animal cookies!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chewing the ears off all his stuffies! Going to Tim Horton's for timbits! Opening presents and getting new toys from the pet store!

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