Smart Dog Toys

As with so many ground-breaking ideas, necessity proved the mother of
invention. As a new mom, Ottosson suddenly found herself with less time
to interact meaningfully with her dogs. She knew that consistently
challenging her dogs was integral to their development, not to mention
her relationship with them, so she created Ottosson's Zoo Active
Products, a line of games that ask your dog to combine wits, motor
skills, and memory to get a treat. Forget mindless chewing and
squeaking‚ these are toys that require your dog to think. more

Can You Dig It?

Owners bring their dogs here to test the dogs' instinctual behaviour on scent trails and in underground tunnels leading to quarry. They want to see if little Angus and Heidi can still do what their doggie ancestors were bred to do as early as 55 B.C.: go to ground and get rid of fox, badger, river otters, and other vermin that were wreaking havoc on their owners' land. Dogs that do well here can go on to participate in Earthdog Tests, Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)-sanctioned, non-competitive events leading to the titles Junior Earthdog, Senior Earthdog, and Master Earthdog. British Columbia held the first Canadian Earthdog Tests in 2002 and the Sea to Sky Earthdog Club now sponsors two sets of testing events each year. more

Dancing with the Canine Stars

Many of the uninitiated scoff at the thought of dancing with dogs and
yes, there is undeniably an element of the ridiculous to the sport,
what with the inter-species dance team, tux-and-tailstype matching
outfits and song choices like "Putting on the Ritz," but, as any
attendee will attest, there is something both compelling and strangely
moving about the performances-not to mention supremely entertaining. more

Running Naked: Agility in Action

Brio is currently one of Canada's top dogs in agility, a wildly popular
canine sport that requires dogs to run a course of jumps, ramps,
tunnels, and other special obstacles like the weave poles and the
teetertotter. The United States Dog Agility Association, just one of
several bodies that organize agility events, represents more than 100
affiliated groups and reports more than 20,000 registered competitors
throughout North America, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bermuda,
and places as far-flung as Spain and Japan. Agility competitors are
timed and those with the least "faults" such as knockdowns or other
errors, combined with the fastest time win "legs" toward agility titles
as well as placement ribbons in their class. more


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