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Meet: Zeus and Loki

Husky Arctic Wolf mix
Bailey Isensee

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Zeus is an all white and Loki is white with some black down his back. They are both husky/arctic wolf hybrids. They are about 11 months old. There are some of the sweetest dogs I’ve met, they are also very playful and love meeting new people. He’s always smiling, They love to cuddle with you and give lots of kisses. Their favorite thing to do is go on walks and go hiking. They loves to play tug of war and play with eachother. They are definitely best buddies.
11 months
Playing, cuddling, going for walks, and giving lots of love.
One of their only dislikes is baths or getting in water
Favorite Foods: 
They love rice and chicken mixed in with their kibble .
Favorite Pastimes: 
going on a walk or hike, or just hanging out at home together

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