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Meet: Zeus

Pitbull mix
Bethany Ames

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My name is Zeus but my mommy calls me her favoritest boy in the world. I love my humans, my squeaky toys and donuts (yummm-y!). I love going for car rides and on adventures. I don’t like the cold weather unless I’m bundled up in my jacket. I’m a big fan of long naps under the blanket and invading my humans personal space (they say I’m too big to be a lap dog but I disagree). I have 3 human sisters and 1 dog little sister (I even share my toys with her!). It’s nice to meet everyone
Zoo, Zooey, Zu-Zu Pet, Zu-Zu, Zoo-Loo
Snacks, donuts, cuddles, food, car rides, Dunkin
Cold weather, staying home alone
Favorite Foods: 
Donuts! Pizza! Treats! Snacks! Dinner! My humans food! Did I say Donuts??
Favorite Pastimes: 
Zoomies, playing with my squeaky toys, destroying tennis balls, eating

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