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Meet: Zeke and Rooney

Shih tzu
Bobbi and jessica
Boerne Texas (San Antonio)

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Zeke and Rooney are the best of buds. Rooney is the boss. Zeke is the airhead. Rooney wants all the attention. Zeke wants to eat everything. Rooney will hold his treats aside steal everyone else's and then go back and eat his. They play so well together it is amazing. Have brought so much happiness to our home.
Rooney is 1 year and Zeke is 8 months
Rooney is catdog. Zeke is brown dog
Fruit and vegetables, playing in the water and chasing bouncy balls.
Not getting attention. Suitcases because that means someone is leaving them
Favorite Foods: 
Pineapple, oranges, broccoli ..... Anything and everything.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chasing each other and playing in the water

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