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Meet: Yoji

Gail Anderson
Loda, Illinois

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Yoji is my awesome 2yo Furbaby Boy who is my SD. He came to me after the loss of my long time Furbabies that passed away about a year from each other and fills the paw prints of 13 yo Bear the Malamute who was my SD during the last few years prior to his passing and my Blk Lab Pita that was the best young hearted companion and Fury queen of the house for all of her 14 years. Yoji keeps me going and gives me a reason. He’s also very smart and easy to train when not being stubborn and 2....
2 years old
BoBoLee. Rags
Car rides, Dog Park, His Toys
Separation from me (working on this), Doorbells
Favorite Foods: 
Most all veges grilled, cheese, meatloafs that I make him to mix in with his dry food
Favorite Pastimes: 
Outdoor activities and hanging head out of window when on rides in vehicles

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