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Meet: Willow

Norwegian Buhund

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Willow is one of the most cuddly, loving, friendly, playful dogs you will ever meet. She was born on a farm near Orangeville, Ontario. She loves all humans and other dogs. Willow enjoys the outdoors, especially the snow that she loves to eat! She is very active and goes on at least two long walks a day. She can also be pretty lazy around the house. She still chews our socks and underwear. We love her so much and she brings so much joy into our lives.❤️
Almost 3 years old
Bills, Wills, Billy, Will bills, baby and a lot more!
Humans, dogs, car rides, belly rubs, music, fresh air.
Any citrus fruits, vegetables, squirrels, cats, horses, vacuum cleaners.
Favorite Foods: 
She loves cheese, peanut butter, meat, pumpkin.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Cuddling with us, playing with other dogs, burrowing her head into snow, playing with toys and stuffed animals, looking out the window, going on walks to the beach, hiking.

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