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Meet: Walter Hobbs Smola

Ori Pei
Rachel Smola
Plainfield, Illinois

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Walter is the absolute best dog. When hes not playing with our other dog, he’s eating. Hahaha. He’s very good at keep away, especially when we are trying to leave for school. That’s when he loves to grab a sock and get a good long game going. HEs a great smuggler and clearly loves his kids, the tiny humans that’s help take care of him.
Wally, Waller, Waltie, Walt Disney, Dishwater, Walter Walter Walter
Anything edible. And socks. His kids.... they are mine, but he claims them.
The spray bottle. Getting his paws touched.
Favorite Foods: 
Everything and everything
Favorite Pastimes: 
Sleeping. Playing keep away. EAting

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