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Meet: Tika

Papillon Pomeranian

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Her name suits her she is larger than life.
She is a "mouser" she loves to hunt small rodents and is excellent at keeping an ear out for danger! We are BFFL!
Believed to be a very loyal dog the french bred the Papillon which means Butterfly in English! As she runs in the wind, through the woods up and over loggs in the forest and even during her big swims at the lake
to out in the snow hip deep those ears fly in the wind like a little butterfly!
Tika Masala, Tikachu, Le petit papillon, le petite cherie, le petite coichon, peaches,
Swimming, BALL, exercise EVERY day, hikes in the mountains, herding chickens, hanging out with pigs, Food big time! Roasted Prime Rib bones,
Grooming! Loud noises!
Favorite Foods: 
She loves seafood! Loves a good boiled down pork bone from a roast, au jus drippings mixed in with kibble,
Favorite Pastimes: 
Watching her grow up and us being SO bonded

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