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Meet: Tessa

Maltese Cross Shih Tzu Cross Toy Poodle
Rebecca Brook

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Tessa is an amazingly well-natured dog. She rolls over and demands a belly rub from everyone she meets. For some particular reason when roaming about she likes to take on and bark crazily at big dogs.. especially if their behind gates. Finally Tessa is timeless, people we meet often believe she is a puppy, but the truth is the dog pictured in this photo is going on 11 years old.
Tess, Bella
Walks, The Beach!, Music, Treats, Rolling in the mud, Playing, Doing Tricks
Baths, walking at night, the cold, sleeping in her own bed!
Favorite Foods: 
Steak, Oso buco, chicken treats, chocolate treats, carrots, beans, peas
Favorite Pastimes: 
Walking along the beach in summer, running into the water scared running out on to the beach and doing it all over again

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