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Melissa Vines
Arlington, TX

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Tank is my best friend. I had rescued him from a puppy mill in Palmer TX. He is 8yrs old and has had quite the life experience. He comes to work with me on a regular basis. He has had spine surgery for a disk that had burst. I had to teach him on how to walk again. After 4 months of me trying of me assisting him with walking, taking him to aqua therapy where he walks on a treadmill in water, and at home physical therapy excersizes he finally walks on his own. He can now run again, one year later
Tank Butt
Puppets - He will ONLY play with puppets as long as a hand is inside
Taking his medicine
Favorite Foods: 
ice cream, cookies, turkey
Favorite Pastimes: 
Tank has been my therapy dog. He has saved my life during my darkest hours in depression. My favorite time was seeing him walk on his own for the first time in 4-5months after his surgery. Hes a true fighter.

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