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Meet: Takoda

Kelley Dishington

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Takoda is a 6 month old mobility assist dog in training. He is fun loving and always finding ways to make me smile. At work he is all businesses but once we get home he lets the puppy out. He loves the air Kong balls to the point that I have to hide them at night to be able to sleep. One of my best friends I can't imagine life without him.
6 months
Koda and Throw Rug
Balls, food, children, long walks, his best bud and brother Monty, and taking naps with mom.
The dog down the hall that barks at him and being told no... And baths. They are an evil creation thought up by a cat.
Favorite Foods: 
Taste Of The Wild supplemented with raw feedings
Favorite Pastimes: 
Going to the baseball field to play fetch and watching movies. Mom usually gives me some popcorn.

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