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Meet: Sukie

seberian husky
Andrea Willard
Portland, Oregon

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She love's to talk to you, and tell you stories. Sukie like's to hide her head in our chest and acts shy. She loves to play with her toys and plays tag(she wins all the time). She is a very happy dog, and a survivor of cancer. For her age she still runs around and plays like a puppy. She was a rescued dog, and now for the last 10 years has been in a good home and well loved. There times she thinks she is human and tries to sneak on to the bed to sleep. She very special dog and a great companion.
Duck treats, her cat toy, and balls
Loud people, aggressive people
Favorite Foods: 
meat and rice, her dry dog food, slump
Favorite Pastimes: 
napping and cuddling with mom and dad

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