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Meet: Stanley Tucci

Katie Bonaccorso
Los Angeles, CA

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Hi my name is Stanley! I'm a rescue dog living my best life for the past year in L.A. I'm half corgi/half cavalier king charles spaniel. I have lots of anxiety but people find it charming! I love chewing bones, going for rides and napping on Mom while she watches TV. If you go to pet my i'll give you a high 10 with both grinch feet. Vote for me!
Stan, Stan Stan, Stanny, Stanners, Nugget, Muffin, Perfect angel baby
Bones, car rides, puppuccinos, trips to Goodwill, treats, naps, watching TV, MOM
Other people, other animals, walks, being alone all day
Favorite Foods: 
Puppuccinos, meat, tuna, string cheese, Sprinkles cupcakes
Favorite Pastimes: 
Car rides to Goodwill or Starbucks

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