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Meet: Sonny

Toy Poodle
Caroline Lander

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Sonny thinks he is a very special boy and should pretty much be cuddled all day long other than when he's jumping in mud, chasing squirrels and shredding toys, don't let size fool you. He loves obedience training, swimming and agility so is active and super fit. He literally is your best friend and will stay by your side all the time. He has an older brother called Monty who is also a poodle.
Jimbo, Jummy Whimba, Sonny Day Dream
Cuddles and more cuddles. Rolling in anything smelly, being groomed, being told he is special.
Toilet rolls and carrots
Favorite Foods: 
Cheese, ham, sausages, he might look exotic but he likes his normal grub.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Being out on walkies or at training with his girlfriends, he is a bit of a flirt.

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