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Mixed mystery
Donna McGee

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The miracle dog! Vets told us to put him down 2 yrs in a row because he would never walk again and many scary health issues to deal with but we love this little dude so much that was never going to happen! I'm disabled myself so I get it, life isnt as easy as it is for others but its sure worth living! Any day could be the end with his spinal injury so each day is a complete blessing and he loves life to the fullest. He is the friendliest, sweetest little guy and loves when people say hi and che
Walks in the park in hos wheelchair...chasing after bunnies and squirrels and cuddling with his family!
Being alone so it's very rare he ever does! Hes a spoiled little guy!
Favorite Foods: 
Liver treats
Favorite Pastimes: 
Getting out for a walk in his wheelchair, getting to feel normal again after a long time just stuck inmobile

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