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Alannah Garcia
Fort Collins

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In the middle is miss Cardi, she is 15 months old and even though she is super petite, she is the boss lady! To the left and right are my baby boys Boosie (Black) and Badazz(Gray) who are from the same litter and just turned one. Boosie is my hyper one and his brother is very calm and affectionate. The three of them together is a handful but I love it.
Female (Center) 15mo. Males (Right, left) 12 mo
Bubba, tootsie roll, stinky
Playtime, snack time, belly rubs, taking a bath, snow
Being separated
Favorite Foods: 
Carrots, bullystix, any food that my parents drop in the floor
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing together in our backyard, eating moms homemade snacks, sleeping, being obnoxious

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