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Sia loves coffee!!! She is an avid Modern Dog Magazine reader. (Well I think so! This photo was not a set up! I found her laying like this with my magazine!) LOL! What I love most about her is her sweet nature towards dogs and people. She has changed the opinions of many who used to discriminate her breed but after meeting her they have a change of heart. Sia is helping to disprove the idea that pitbulls are 'born mean!' I'm proud of her and I love her sooo much!
One year
Si-Si, Sia Maria, Si
Coffee! for real! Cuddling alot! Babies, people, kissing! She's a big kisser! and walks at the lake watching the sunset with Mum, cuddling and kissing everyone she meets and fighting BSL by her sweet nature!
Loud noises including her own gas lol! and people who won't return her love!
Favorite Foods: 
Everything but NO olives!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Cuddling with Mum all the time! Chasing mum and dad on their quad at the river and camping

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