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Haley Volz

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Scrappys Bio Scrappy is a short-haired, female Chihuahua. I got Scrappy not completely out of choice but I choose the Chihuahua because they seem to attach to one person only, they follow you everywhere you go, they love to play and always act like puppies, they are a very smart breed, and they are cute. Chihuahuas are the smallest dog in the world ranging from 2 to 6 pounds when they are full grown. The Mexican name for Chihuahua is Chihuahueno. Chihuahuas have the largest brain of any other dog compared to their heads. The average life span for a Chihuahua is 13-15 years of age. Chihuahuas are born with floppy ears, but after 3 or 4 months their ears start to stand up. A Chihuahuas favorite thing to do is sunbathe. I did not go out anywhere to get Scrappy, but she was born from my other Chihuahua Pebbles. Scrappy was born on July 12th of 2006 on a Wednesday. She is a pure bred Chihuahua that came from a fawn tan mother, Pebbles, and a blue grey dad, Pete. She was in a liter of 5. She was not the biggest and she was not the smallest, but she had the closest attachment to her mother. When Scrappy was born she was already getting into trouble. Right away she tried to start sneaking off but I caught her. It was not easy to get her back. I had to get her without Pebbles seeing because she could get pretty aggressive and she scampered off a few times. It was a miracle when all of the puppies survived. Scrappy was destiny. Somebody came to choose which one of the last two puppies they wanted and they ended up taking the blue tan boy when they said they were going to take Scrappy. Scrappy is 2 years old right now and will soon enough be turning 3. She is a very playful pup, she and her mom are always wrestling with each other. She has the sharpest nails ever. She is the only one who can jump onto a 3 foot bed because her nails give her a little hold when she gets to the top. At our house we have dog gates to keep them out of some of the rooms. Well, not her, because she can squeeze through the 2 ½ inch opening of the gate. Scrappy never leaves anyone out. She plays with Chipster and Pebbles. Scrappy weighs 4 pounds. Her chest is 13 ½ inches. Her length is 9 inches. Her neck is 8 inches. Her girth is 13 inches long. She loves to play with the other dogs, chew on stuffed animals, play fetch, sunbathe, sleep, be around you all the time, and be outside. She wears clothes a lot, and she does not put on a fit about putting them on. She just sits there calmly and dose not struggle. She knows and loves how to give kisses. Scrappy is an amazing puppy.

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