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Meet: Sayge

Britt and Nate
Billings, MT

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Sayge is an 85 lb baby! Fawn and white in color with floppy ears and a damaging tail. Big time lover who loves to swim, chew on anything wood, and lick everything! She is a barker but also talks like crazy. The only dog I know that will actually talk to you when you say speak :) she loves her parents and would do anything to make them happy! Lazy dog that we swear is part plant and could care less about the weather as long as she is outside! Always eating grass but would never turn down a steak!
Brown Dog, Sayge Girl, Pitbull
blankets, water, sticks, couches, puppies, bones, tennis balls, and grass
loud noises, fighting, and guns
Favorite Foods: 
potato chips, french fries, and grass
Favorite Pastimes: 
sleeping, photosynthesizing (like I said we swear she's part plant!) swimming, and hanging out with her people

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