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Meet: Sarge

Golden Retriever
Lisa McCann
He was born in Alabama and since the age of 7 weeks has been being raised & loved on in Fl.

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Sarge knows sit, stay, come, heel, up, down, off, back up, leave it. He also knows paw.. He also listens to dad when he whispers to him in the woods. He is a friend to all. He's been boating & kayaking.
1 yr old
Sargio, Momma's boy, Sergeant
Like pretty much all things
Not much of anything
Favorite Foods: 
Snacks & hooman desserts or anything else the hoomans give me.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Being with momma and the rest of the hookahs. Chasing after the chickens trying to get them to be my friend. Jumping in the creek & running around in the woods & sniffing.

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