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Meet: Rupert

Libby Brittain
Los Angeles

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Rupert is a 11 year old Olympic Leg Lifter & natural born foodie. He’s also a chihuahua & a complete ladies man. I rescued him from a pet store that was going to sell him to an animal testing lab since he’d been there for several months & no one was interested in him because he was “too big.” Their loss! Rupert is the funniest little guy & gets along with everyone. He loves hiking, peeing on things, & doing zoomies in the yard. He recently rode in a stroller & said it’s the only way to travel!
Rupi, Poo-pert, Rupi-Poopie
Peeing on things. Food. Hiking. Cuddling with my mom.
Belly bands. Leashes.
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken, turkey, crackers.
Favorite Pastimes: 
Post Dinner Nap, refining my leg lifting form.

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