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Meet: Rowan

Pitbull mix
Savannah H.

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Rowan is a funny pup filled with tons of personality! He loves to be the center of attention and be involved in every part of life. He is talkative and a happy boy! He owns his own natural pet company in CO called Holiman Hounds, and he is a very skilled driver!
Roo, Pokey-roo, boo-boo, Boop, Row-row, rupert, Boop-a-loop, Scoobert
car rides, walks, barking and squeaking, squirrels, chasing lazers, cuddling, kisses, snacks, digging holes, chewing sticks, water
not being able to cuddle, being ignored, not being allowed in the hot tub or shower.
Favorite Foods: 
I only like people food and certain treats...not a fan of kibble.
Favorite Pastimes: 
looking out the window, playing with his brother, running wild

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