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Meet: Rosemary

Dogue de Bordeaux/Pitbull mix
Melanie Hazzard

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Rosemary joined our pack in September as a 6 week old puppy. We used to work in Min Pin rescue, so she is growing up as a member of a pack and loves all her pack-mates. She is very loving and affectionate with all humans, but is very afraid of other dogs and will run to the nearest human for help and support - even if it's the other dog's human. This is quite embarrassing at PetSmart and the dog park, especially when the dog is a Shih-Tzu and she is a 10 month old 65 lb mastiff/pitbull mix.
10 months
Rosie, Rosemary No, Stop It, Bring it Back
people, car rides, playing in the hose, tennis balls, chewing up flip flops, posing for pictures
other dogs getting attention, indestructible toys
Favorite Foods: 
peanut butter, cheese, green beans
Favorite Pastimes: 
playing with her packmates, playing the hose game, tv watching, listening to music

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