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Meet: Remy LeBeau

Coton De Tulear

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- Remy is a purebred Coton from Chapla Bay Cotons just outside Calgary, AB. - A Coton Du Tulear (pronounced cu-toe de too-lay-are) or Coton, is a rare ancient purebred not commonly known of that originated on the island of Madagascar more than three centuries ago and came to the Americas in the 1970's. - Remy loves to show off all his tricks that he has learned, he especially likes to show everyone his dance moves, shaking both paws and how well he speaks. - He loves to hang out in the living room with the rest of the family usually along the front of the couch or at your feet...he has been know to climb the mountain of pillows and perch at the top. - Remy loves his peanut butter snacks as well as apples and carrots. - Remy does not like dirt, he avoids it at all costs. When the snow is melting he perches on rocks in the garden to avoid the dirt while pooping. - He loves road trips in the big motorhome with Grandmas & Gido and when he has puppy play dates because he gets to play with dogs of all sizes.
16 Months
Remmers, Mr. Lebeau, Remster
Children, Oher dogs, People, Snow, getting brushed
Being left alone, Dirt, Cats & Rabbits
Favorite Foods: 
Anything Peanut Butter Flavoured & Chicken!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Hanging out with people & going for walks with the big dogs.

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