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This lil girl is almost 2 years old n weighs in at 2 pounds. She is the smallest of a litter of 3 sisters. She may be small but in our hearts she is huge. We love her so much and she loves us so much and shows us daily. On the day this was taken we were visiting Aunt Nanny and it had just started snowing the flakes were huge and I caught a pic before the flakes dissolved on her. I love how they showed up so big n bright.
almost 2
she loves her big brothers n sisters n never gets far from them-
Favorite Foods: 
she loves the homemade chicken jerky that I make her
Favorite Pastimes: 
car rides -- she has her own car seat and loves to watch out the window

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She is the most adorable and loveable baby I know. Love her.

Sat, 04/13/2013 - 11:03

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