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Meet: Prince

Labrador Retriever/Plott Hound
Karen Sendybyl

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Prince is the fur child of Karen and Charles, acting as Best Dog in this pic. . Sweet and gentle, the only time he may growl is if you try to tell him he’s a dog. With good looks and character to spare, he’s been known to take people’s breath away, either from his sleek beauty or because of a firm landing on your chest. Known as a finicky eater, except when it comes to things that he shouldn’t eat, such as food on the stove or items from the laundry basket and a great swimmer. He has also been big brother to a variety of foster brothers and sisters, dogs in distress who welcomed his playfulness and sweet nature. Has a love of patrolling his territory by day and snuggling up in bed by night. He can even be found sleeping next to the bride in the groom, snoring, with all four paws straight up in the air!
3 years
Wallywag, The Monster, his highness
Walks, Staring out the window, snuggling, barking, burying things, chewing bones, swimming, playing tug of war.
The elusive Harry the Heron that flies over the water in front of our house, baths, the fact that ducks can fly away from him
Favorite Foods: 
Any people food, gravy covered milkbones (the crack of dogggie treats), dried chicen, his daddy's cooking (especially bacon and eggs).
Favorite Pastimes: 
dozing outside, digging himself a "den" in the dirt outside, sucking up for treats!

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