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Meet: Portia

Cocker Spaniel
Kim Ross
Ringgold Ga

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Portia is a Cocker Spaniel that was born April 19th,2012 and not only is she beautiful, she has a great personality. We love her sooo much!!!!!
13 months
Portia, precious, sweetheart, gorgeous
She likes to play and run in the house when i say "get cha" .She will bat you with her paws and lay on her belly and rock back and forth.
She does not like water that is not cold, she looks at you like, Really?
Favorite Foods: 
Her Favorite food is Purina Puppy Chow, but she also loves a few potatoe chips with dip
Favorite Pastimes: 
She will play with a sock , and she likes to catch dog food 1 piece at a time.

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