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Meet: Penny

Shetland Sheepdog
Victoria Carvajal
Muskogee Oklahoma

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Penny is a rescue that has so many reasons to smile now. She was extremely abused and was terrified of everyone and everything. For the first 6 months we had to chase her and corner her just to get a leash on her to walk her. Now she is happy and confident and loves her life. Rescues ROCK! Penny thanks you for your votes.
About 6 years
Pretty Penny and Fluffy Butt
Playing with her rescue brother Riley, snuggling with her Momma and giving kisses
Loud noises like fireworks and thunder
Favorite Foods: 
ice cream, yogurt and anything that drops on the floor
Favorite Pastimes: 
Snuggling, napping and the famous Sheltie zoomies

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