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Meet: Pebbles of Diamonds

Shetland Sheepdog
Irvine, CA

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I have a feisty but also sweet temprament. I can run really fast, and I love to herd the big dogs at the dog park.

I'm also my owner's (mom) first dog. She lavishes tons of love on me, and brings me to learn agility class. I flew from Tennessee to California.

My name was picked out before my mom picked me out. It was a divinely appointed name. Diamonds are the most precious stone, and since I'm so small 'Pebbles' is something small of something precious.

spending time with mom
motorcycles and bycicles
Favorite Foods: 
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chasing a tennis ball

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Pebbles is a cutie! He looks almost exactly like my Sheltie, Bentley. Bentley also does agility! I've got Pebbles bookmarked and will try to remember to vote every day!
Tue, 07/21/2015 - 03:34

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