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Meet: Peanut,Patchs,Ozzy,Princess,Marilyn,Boo,Slash,Max :)

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Here's my 8 Paw Bonds Gang! ;) ♥ From the right is Peanut-Mommy, Patchs - Daddy, Ozzy, then Boo sitting & on my knees is Princess & Marilyn & Slash but he has his head turned, then my Little Sweetheart Max is between my legs... All waiting for there TREATS!! I LUV MY 8 BEAUTIFUL KIDS, LOL My Gang :) took me 3 days to do all 8 dogs, Max was the last one to do & he took 1 day just for him.. Had to do them in STAGES :)
Peanut_2-1/2, Patchs_5, Ozzy,Boo,Slash_14 months, Princess & Marilyn_1-1/2, Max is 7 months
Paw Bonds Gang :)
Everything & Whatever i cooking & i don't put any spices on the piece's, just fried in bacon grease..
Anything Sour..
Favorite Foods: 
Chicken Breast, Icecream, chicken hotdog.. :)
Favorite Pastimes: 
Playing & chasing each other & playing with there toys & playing ball with Daddy :)

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