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Meet: Paladin

Black Labrador mix
Joy Toney
Richmond, CA

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Paladin was my "Prayer Puppy". I prayed for a puppy on my way to work on Aug. 4, 1999, and had him in less than 24 hours! He was a smart boy who loved to chase light beams and would drink water from a spray bottle. He trained me to hold his rawhide chews for him, while he chewed them up. He knew how to 'sit up pretty', shake, high five, & more! Sadly, cancer took him from me just before his 13th birthday. :( I look forward to seeing him (- & my 3 other boys-) again at The Rainbow Bridge.
2 months short of 7 in this photo. Passed away at one mo. short of 13 on 5/10/12.
Pally-poo, Pally-ally-poo, Paladindin, Pal ala din, Pooky, Pooky boo, Puddin' pie, Puddin' cup, Punky boo, Wiggle-butt, Springy-butt, Stinkerboo, Stinkerbutt, Fuzzy face, Fuzzy butt, Sugar plum, etc.
Apples (& Nectarines & Peaches), Peanut butter, "Fishing", Floppy stuffed squeaky toys, Going for rides, Chasing squirrels, Chasing laser light dots & flashlight spots & moths & flies & reflections, etc.
When 'mom' went somewhere & didn't take me along! (And the annoying yappy dogs next door!)
Favorite Foods: 
Apples! Peanut butter (& anything PB flavor)! Pig ears! Anything mom was eating! ;)
Favorite Pastimes: 
"Fishing", Riding in the car, Chasing lights, Being with 'mom', etc.

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Many thanks to my EPW family and anyone else that voted for my sweet departed boy. I miss him so much! I really appreciate all the help everyone gave me in getting him to be Dog of the Week! <3
Mon, 02/03/2014 - 04:13

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