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Meet: Otis

Jack Russell Terrier
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Otis...the Terrorist! (Terrier!).jpg
Otis is 7 & 1/2 years old. He was rescued as a puppy & it's no understatement to say he rescued me. My (ex) husband was a violent bully & my other two dogs had suffered from his rage so they were living with friends. I feared for the puppy, but right from the word go he stood up to my ex & would bark & snap if the words became actions. He saved my life. He was my little warrior! Now we're save & sound & he's a happy guy who loves everything! A little crackerjack, bursting with life & love & an immense character! My little buddy!
Fun, food, shredding his toys
Favorite Foods: 
Cheese, ham... anything he can eat, he will!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Snuggling with me, walkies & ball games

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Mon, 12/03/2012 - 09:43
Otis is such a good boy when it comes to loving his Mom, and for that alone he deserves this honor, as I understand "Mom" can be quite a handfull too!!!!! LOL
Fri, 12/21/2012 - 09:09
Otis, you are such a handsome guy!!!!
Sat, 06/08/2013 - 07:26
he is sooo cute, love all that black on his face and that white behind it. ham for dogs is toxic, ask your vet. have a great day. kisses to the puppy. mae
Sat, 02/15/2014 - 14:14
try giving him baby carrots (washed) or frozen thawed veg. or string beans.
Sat, 02/15/2014 - 14:19

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