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Meet: Oscar

coton de tulear
Madison, WI

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Oscar is a coton de tulear who came to us from Canada. This pic was taken at an event called Dogs on the Square, run by the Madison Police Department's Capital K9 Unit. All dogs wore red bandanas (he's usually not so suave). Oscar loved walking around, watching everyone, and he even did a few agility activities.
Mr. Boots. Beauty Boy. Mr. Bits. Naughty Pants.
He likes to take walks and sniff out other animals. He loves to track the rabbit in the back yard and just run around sniffing.
He usually doesn't like being petted by people he doesn't know. He has a big personal space field and is a bit distrustful/suspicious inside, but he's happy and relaxed when out on walks and playing.
Favorite Foods: 
soft treats (e.g., bacon cheddar bits), little pieces of cooked salmon, rice, peanut butter, little pieces of fruit, rice
Favorite Pastimes: 
Taking walks, tracking critters, leaping off the deck (though since he busted his ACL, that can't be a favorite anymore), napping, tearing apart stuffed animals

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