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Meet: Oakley Rae

Australian Shepard Beagle
Ami Bauer

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I’m a fun loving and energetic rescue who was adopted at 8 weeks old! I am always excited to play with people and other dogs, you can tell when my whole entire butt wiggles because I just can’t contain my excitement!
5 months
Wiggle Butt, Wild One
Wind in my face while on car rides, belly rubs, all the puppy treats, and begging for attention!
Eating vegetables, bedtime, and getting no human food when I sit like a good girl by the dinner table
Favorite Foods: 
Yogurt, cheese, cantaloupe, and all puppy treats!
Favorite Pastimes: 
Chewing on every leash Mom buys me, leaving paw prints on the walls, and barking in mom’s ear the entire car ride.

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